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Bar Rouge

Add:7/F, Bund 18, 18 Zhongshan Rd E1, near Nanjing Rd E.

Tel:021-6339 1199

Time:Sun-Thur, 6pm-2am; Fri-Sat, 6pm-4am



Opened in 2004, Bar Rouge has instilled a ritual of fête in Shanghai, taking the city’s nightlife to new heights.

The ultra-luxe club is continually innovating, striving to create the ultimate experience.

Architect Frederic Addey of Whisperism conceptualized the space as an ode to Greek mythology, seeing the Bar Rouge nightclub to be a beacon in Shanghai just as the Parthenon was a landmark in Athens.

The terrace, which opened on May 3, 2013, is designed in classic black and white covering 280 square meters. It’s said to be inspired by a Greek goddess of the night. The design features clean lines, and several colored light boxes create visual interest. The lighting is effervescent and the whole effect is one of a floating balcony.

The al fresco club incorporates all the elements that make Bar Rouge a nightly stop for Shanghai elites and international jet-setters year round.

With more than 20 meters of service space, the expanded bar will raise the speed and standard of service. An independent DJ booth as the centerpiece allows Bar Rouge’s famous guest turntablists and house residents to command the entire club’s audio and visual experience from outdoors.

The 40-person VIP section has become even more exclusive, with intimate booths and podiums for the bar’s signature world-class pole dancing performances. The venue features seamlessly integrated atypical materials like synthetic (Corian brand) surfaces, glass components, low-energy lighting via 5,000 glowing PVC sticks and remote controlled LED lamps — all sourced from China. They demonstrate thoughtful appreciation of local sustainability.

A sumptuous culinary addition to the terrace is the sushi room, backed by global brand EN Shanghai. In the Bar Rouge spirit of stunning presentation and outstanding service, guests can now order an exquisite sushi boat to their table. Filled with traditional favorites and modern rolls using ingredients like foie gras and raw goat cheese, boats of all sizes will suit parties of three, six, nine and 12. Sushi Room by EN Shanghai will be open every day from 6pm-1am and until 3am on weekends.