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Shanghai Community International School

Add:198 Hengqiao Rd

Tel:021-5812 9888

Fax:021-5812 9000

English Service Available


Much has changed since our school first opened its doors in 2002. Our student body has grown dramatically. We’ve added beautiful buildings and spaces to accommodate our students’ artistic, athletic, and academic endeavors. Our reputation in Shanghai has soared. For me, it is an absolute privilege to be here, and I hold great appreciation and respect for the students, teachers, and others whose work has brought us to this point.

SCIS is, and always has been, a family-oriented institution that is based on small school roots, where every student is equally important and receives the attention and support necessary to succeed. We’ve built our reputation on our collective dedication and a warm, supportive environment that is as personalized as possible. And as we continue to grow, we’re working harder than ever to ensure that this doesn’t change.