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The Master of Nets Garden

Add:No. 11 Kuojia Lane Daichengqiao Road, Suzhou

Tel:0512-6529 3190


The Master of Nets Garden, Suzhou’s smallest, serves as evidence that good things come in small packages. The garden rests on less than half a hectare, but inside its small confines, it beautifully demonstrates the ideals of Suzhou classical gardening.

The Master of Nets Garden uses its small area to great advantage. In its layout, careful attention has been paid to contrasts and proportions. Light and shadows play against one another, as various techniques have been employed for emphasizing the contrast between the enveloping and opening of spaces within the garden. Like a well-written poem’s ability to create impact in the fewest possible words, the Master of Nets Garden compactly presents visitors with a wide range of artistry inside its small confines, including landscapes, rockeries, carvings, and architecture. The interplay between various details within the garden works to present a very satisfying whole.

Traditionally, Chinese gardens are built inside residential compounds. The Master of Nets Garden is the best place to see this practice up close. Within the compound, you can tour three different areas – the residential section, the main central garden, and the inner garden. All of the rooms in the residential section have doors leading to the garden, demonstrating its central role in the lives of those who lived there.

Of all Suzhou’s many gardens, the Master of Nets Garden is the best preserved.