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Guangfu Xiang Xue Hai

Add:Fuhu Road, Nixiang County, Guangfu Town, Wuzhong District,Suzhou


Xiang Xue Hai Park is at Dengwei Hill in Suzhou's Guangfu Town, 30 kilometers southwest of Suzhou. It has been a famous spot to appreciate plums since ancient times due to its rather large plum orchard.

In February, the fragrance of plum blossoms is strong and the hills look like a sea of flowers. Song Luo, the governor of Jiangsu Province in the Qing Dynasty, named it "Xiang Xue Hai," meaning "sea of fragrant snow." The inscription has been well preserved on the cliff of Wujia Hill.

A plum festival is held annually at Wujia Hill, which is the best place to appreciate the "sea of fragrant snow."