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Taicang Jincang Lake Park

Add:Intersection of Xingang Road and Dongting Road, Taicang, Suzhou



Jincang Lake Park is an ecological park where people can find many bicycle paths. Featuring 67 hectares of water areas and 8 hectares of grasslands, it is a good place to be close to nature. There is also a beautiful music fountain in Baihua Square.

The park provides different kinds of bicycles and bike paths around the lake. In addition, the first “bare-footed playground” in China has been built in the park. With funny games, the playground ensures parents and kids have a special experience.

Buses: 101, 205, 204, 401
Driving Route: Along-Yangtze Motorway—Shuangfeng Exit—204 National Highway—Xingang Road—the crossing of Xingang Road and Dongting Road


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