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Suzhou Amusement Land

Add:No. 87, Jinshan Road, High-tech Zone, Suzhou

Tel:0512-6871 7107


Suzhou Amusement Land, a park themed like an oriental Disneyland, combines the vitality of western theme parks and the tranquility of oriental gardens. The park is situated at the foot of Lion Hill, a good place for hiking with magnificent scenery and a long history. Apart from roller coasters, thrill seekers can experience various kinds of amusement items with extreme names, like Hawaiian Waves, The Tornado, and Soaring into the Sky. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, you can also appreciate the amazing natural landscape and enjoy recreation items at the same time, which is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Besides, the rich human-made landscape forms a major part of the fantastic park. Artificial scenery such as Tianshi Lake, European Style Town, Future World, Venice Water Town, Scotland Garden juxtaposes an oriental atmosphere against European exoticism.