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Y.Ys (Yin Yang)

Add:125 Nanchang Rd., near Maoming Rd.S.

Tel:021-6466 4098


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Although Y.Y.'s has been around for over a decade, it remains as one of Shanghai's lesser known venues. With posters of Chairman Mao adorning every available wall space, Y.Y.'s unique atmosphere and respectable cocktail list has made it a fast favorite for both bohemian locals and expats in-the-know. The musical background floats seamlessly from bossa nova to jazz, progressive psychedelic, and everything in between.

Despite the rather prominent portrait of Mao on the mantle, this local bar has a distinctly café-type feel with its dark, wooden interior and bookcases. With a range of mixed drinks and beers, this spot is great for a happy hour Duval. It is one of Shanghai's oldest surviving bars and draws a loyal crowd of long-time expats and hipster Chinese.