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Hengshan Hotel

Add:534 Hengshan Rd

Tel:021-5101 3030


Fax:021-6433 5732

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Hengshan Picardie Hotel is located at the intersection of Wanping and Hengshan roads and was constructed in 1934. The architectural design of the hotel is typical Art Deco and its former name was the Piccard Villa. It was designed by the Swiss-French architect Minutti. With more than 70 years history, it is one of the city's six famous old hotels. Totally renovated in 2008, the establishment lost many of its original charms but still captures the essence of an earlier age of European luxury. It features 240 rooms equipped with deluxe amenities, making it an ideal stop for business and leisure travelers seeking convenience and comfort in the city center. The promotional price for a superior room is 1,300 yuan (US$190).

"From its founding in 1934 with 254 rooms, with 70-year history, Hengshan Hotel is located in the commercial hub of Xujiahui district. The architectural design of the hotel is ARTDECO. Its predecessor is the renowned Piccard Villa, at one time it became a foreign company, was the living quarters of the company boss and high ranking persons. Because the hotel received a good number of celebrities, administrators and merchants from everywhere it was one of Shanghai's six famous hotels. At the same time it is a superb architecture of Shanghai's modern times ( city level preserved cultural relic )."


"Beauty Salon"

"From the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to hotel - East From the Pudong International Airport to hotel - West "