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Sheshan National Forest Park


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Typical Shanghainese always have a special complex with regard to Sheshan Hills. Since Shanghai's average altitude is only 3 meters above sea level, the Sheshan Hills with its highest point at only 97 meters, is often jokingly termed a 'mountain'. So if any Shanghainese say that they are going to climb a mountain in Shanghai, the destination will definitely be Sheshan National Forest Park.

As one of the earliest forest parks in Shanghai, Sheshan is a good place to free oneself from the hustle and bustle of the concrete forest. Only 35 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai downtown, it is located in the Western Shanghai district of Songjiang.

There are two main hills among the 12 hills inside the forest park: the West Sheshan Hill and the East Sheshan Hill.

The East Hill is 74 meters high and is famous for its bamboo shoots. In spring, there is a bamboo shoot festival. The park will provide tourists with tools to dig out the bamboo shoots, and if you like, you also can take them home to cook the typical Shanghai dish—bamboo shoot stewed with pork.

The West Hill is the geographical top point of Shanghai, and maybe it's also the reason that the biggest Marian Basilica in the Far East and the Astronomical Observatory were built on top of the hill.

Location: 35 kilometers away from the downtown area. in Songjiang District, the west suburban area of Shanghai
West Hill
Open Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm
Tickets: free (including the Maria Bacilica, but the Astronomical Observatory charges 12 yuan per person) 

East Hill
Address: Sheshan, Songjiang District
Tickets: free (including sand sculptures, the Birds' Heaven and butterfly's Garden)

To get there:
You can take tour bus Line 1 to get there
You also can choose to take the Bus Route "Shanghai-Sheshan line" (上佘线) to get off at "Sheshan Observatory". It will only cost 6 yuan to get there if you take the bus at the transportation hub on Longcao Rd.(near Shanghai Grand Stadium)


Take your time – it's a one-day trip.

On the hills the food on offer is quite sparse. But there are quite a lot restaurants close to the "submontane" cable car station, without English service :( .

Enjoy a cup of tea at the tea house which is next to pagoda (which is itself worth seeing) half way up to the west hill.

Enjoy the diversity of bird's voices, you can't hear in the city.