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Jinmao Tower

Add:88 Century Ave, near Dongtai Rd.

Tel:021-5047 5101

Time:8:30am - 9:30pm

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With 88 stories reaching a height of 420.5 meters and covering 290,000 square meters, Jin Mao Tower is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese architectural style and the world's modern architectural technology. Its design combines traditional Chinese and gothic architecture. If you are not afraid of heights, going to the top of the Jinmao Tower is an interesting experience.

This building includes modern offices, a deluxe 5-star hotel - the Grand Hyatt Shanghai - exhibition halls, banquet halls, an observation deck, and entertainment facilities. The 1st and 2nd floors form an imposing lobby for the business area; the 3rd to the 50th floors are occupied by offices, which are open-plan (column-free) with a floor-to-floor height of 4 meters and a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.7m; the 51st and 52nd floors are the mechanical and electrical facilities center, which are restricted for the tower's working staff; the 53rd to 87th floors are occupied by the deluxe Grand Hyatt Hotel in which the 86th floor houses a club exclusive for the hotel guests and the 87th floor lodges the hotel restaurant. It's the world's tallest five-star hotel in terms of distance from the ground, which boasts a 152m barrel-vaulted atrium that is lined with 28 well-illuminated corridors and staircases arrayed in a spiral.  

The 88th floor - the highest floor - is reserved for the tower's 1,520-square-meter indoor observation deck, which can hold 1,000 people at any one time. It is the tallest and biggest of its kind in the Chinese mainland. It offers a panoramic view of Shanghai and a topside view of the hotel atrium below. The tower has the best elevators available. Two direct elevators operate at the speed of 9.1 meters (nearly 30 feet) per second that can send visitors from the ground floor to the 88th floor in just 45 seconds. There are also five to six elevators every 10 floors, which reduce waiting time to 35 seconds even during rush hours.

The tower exterior employs an advanced glass curtain wall, which is made of glass, stainless steel, aluminium, granite and crisscrossed by complex latticework cladding to remove light pollution. Its fire and life systems are different from many other skyscrapers in their design to allow people to rescue themselves rather than waiting for others to come to their rescue. The building is also equipped with an excellent vertical transport system, with features as direct access to the office sections, etc. Its intelligent systems manage all functions and sections, and there is Internet access for every office desk and guest room. All functional equipment and facilities in the building are most advanced, making it a milestone in architectural history. The basement of the tower is a parking area 3-stories deep, which can hold 800 cars and 2,000 bicycles. The parking area is equipped with 360-degree surveillance cameras as a security feature.

The building has an advanced structural engineering system which fortifies it against typhoon winds of up to 200 km/h (with the top swaying by a maximum of 75 cm) and earthquakes of up to 7 on the Richter scale. The steel shafts have shear joints that act as shock absorbers to cushion lateral forces of winds and quakes, and the swimming pool on the 57th floor acts as a passive damper.

The podium building is adjacent to the tower, which is designed as a center for recreation and fashion. Jin Mao Concert Hall, located on the ground floor, is a venue for fine art in the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone.
This superb building represents the new Shanghai: young, vibrant, and inspirational.