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Shanghai Museum

Add:201 People's Ave, People's Square

Tel:021-6372 3500(Engilish Available)

Time:9am-5pm (last entry 4pm)



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Located in the center of Shanghai in People's Square, Shanghai Museum is a leading repository of Chinese civilization. The museum's 120,000 cultural relics covering 5,000 years of Chinese history reveal the ingenuity and creativity of a nation. The museum's style and presentation surround visitors with artifacts demonstrating ancient wisdom and philosophy. The exterior design of the round dome and the square base symbolizes the ancient idea of a round heaven and a square land.

Shanghai Museum was founded in December, 1952. It was formerly located at 325 West Nanjing Road, site of the old Shanghai Horse Racing Club Building and now the Shanghai Art Museum. Under Marshal Chen Yi, the first mayor of Shanghai after the founding of the People's Republic in 1949, additional funds were allocated for the museum to purchase items from antique dealers and private collectors. Thanks to Chen, the museum was able to build up its bronze collection, now considered one of the finest in the world.

The museum is divided into 11 galleries and three exhibition halls. The galleries cover most of the major categories of Chinese art: Ancient Bronze, Ancient Ceramics, Paintings, Calligraphy, Ancient Sculpture, Ancient Jade, Coins, Ming and Qing Furniture, Seals, and Minority Nationalities.


Plan your schedule well and leave time for the museum's gift shop which sells many interesting souvenirs.

No cameras and no mobile phones allowed.