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Canglang Pavilion, Suzhou

Add:3 Canglangting Street, Canglang District, Suzhou

Tel:0512-6519 4375


Established in the Northern Song Dynasty, Canglang Pavilion (a garden) is renowned as the most ancient among all of the surviving gardens in Suzhou.

A Song Dynasty poet named Su Shunqin purchased the garden and renovated it, building pavilions, artificial ponds, rock formations and then called it Canglang, which means blue waves. The garden is on a hill and integrates smoothly with the natural scenery. It is also known as a “City in the Mountains.”

Canglang Pavilion has been inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage List and reputed as a national-level key cultural relic protection site. Mingdao Hall, Qingxiang Hall and other buildings are the main attractions aside from the scenery.