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Hangzhou International Information Exchange Center

Add:Westlake Expo Museum, 40 Beishan Road

Tel:0571-8881 2221



The Hi Center (Hangzhou International Information Exchange Center), established in 2010, is a non-profit institution devoted to promoting the city of Hangzhou to foreigners. Apart from showing the city's economic and social development, the Center also presents the city's long history and rich culture.

It acts as a bridge between Hangzhou and the world in government and non-government exchanges, attempting to shorten the psychological distance between the East and the West.

It also serves as a window for the world to know Hangzhou and for Hangzhou to reach the world by staging big events in the city and holding road shows abroad.

As an information center, it offers foreign tourists, business people and local citizens the latest news about Hangzhou and information about living, working and traveling in the city.

The Hi Center has close cooperation with various municipal departments, produces a large amount of promotional products and organizes media tours for foreign journalists.