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Shenbo Park

Add:No. 402 Shunba Village, Ningwei Town, Xiaoshan


Shenbo Park is the home of the Xiaoshan Fishing Association. The park features a small forest, some farms growing fruits and vegetables and a large pond with fish, water fowl, as well as some Chinese-style pavilions and bridges.

The large pond boasts 450 seats for anglers, and provides up to 10 kinds of local fish, along with turtles, crabs and shrimp.

Another highlight is Farmer Museum, which showcases Xiaoshan's farm culture of the 1950s and 1960s.

Tel: (0571) 8297-0000

Website: www.chinashenbo.com

How to get there:

Huhang Expressway - Hangzhou Raocheng Expressway - Xiaoshan Exit at No. 2 Qiantang Bridge - turn left and drive for 3 kilometers.