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Heqiao Town

Add:Changhua County, Lin'an, Hangzhou


The town, about 50 kilometers from Hangzhou, was once a commercial center in western Zhejiang Province and was dubbed "Little Shanghai" during the 1930s.

Today, a large part of it has been renovated into a modern town. But Old Street Block features more than 100 antique buildings established during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and the Republic of China (1911-1949). Most are black-and-white two-floor houses built with stone and wood.

Their life style is similar to how people lived centuries ago with residents farming, raising poultry and running small businesses.

How to get there:

Take Hangzhou-Anhui Expressway for 80 kilometers to Changhua Town; turn left at the first crossing and drive 6 kilometers to Heqiao Town. Or take a bus at Hangzhou West Station to Changhua; then take a bus to Heqiao Town.