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Longmen Ancient Town

Add:Fuyang City, Hangzhou


Longmen Ancient Town has pretty much everything a tourist could want in a small town - cobblestone streets, narrow lanes, old buildings, ancient temples and a way of life that seems unchanged from centuries ago.

Many of the buildings in the town were built more than 300 years ago.

More than 90 percent of the town's people have the surname Sun. They are descendants of the 3rd century warlord Sun Quan (AD 182-252), King of the Wu State (AD 222-280) of the Three Kingdoms (AD 220-280).

How to get there:

From Hangzhou: Take Bus No. 514 that goes to Fuyang. Get off at the last stop, take a taxi to Longmen, or take the taxi to Fuyang West Bus Station and then take a coach to Longmen.

From Shanghai: Take Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway – Hangzhou Raocheng Expressway – G320 – Zhongbu Exit – No. 19 Provincial Expressway – Longmen Ancient Town. Or, take a coach from Shanghai to Fuyang, and then a coach from Fuyang to Longmen.

Entrance fee: 68 yuan (US$11) for adults, 35 yuan for children