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Site of Temporary Government for Republic of Korea

Add:302/304, Madang Rd, near Zizhong Rd

Tel:021-5382 4554



This is the site where the temporary government for the Republic of Korea prepared for war against Japan during World War II. Although small and difficult to find, this site is of great historical importance – at least to Koreans who come by the bus loads. You will find yourself surrounded by Korean tourists, and even the Chinese attendants may speak to you in Korean. Furthermore the historical video documentaries and audio guides are in Korean only, and all the signs are in either Chinese or Korean.

Nevertheless the house itself is a nice example of a shikumen house of 1930's Shanghai, and a visit here is 5 yuan cheaper than the shikumen open house of nearby Xintiandi. If you're interested in Korean history there is also a museum at the top with (finally) an English introduction to the era, and photos of various Korean politicians plus other artifacts.

There's a flashy souvenir shop on your way out where you can buy a range of Korean and Chinese items, some of them tenuously related to the subject of the museum such as Korean dolls and chopstick gift-sets.

Unless you can understand the Korean video documentaries, the site will take at most an hour to walk around.

Tickets: 15yuan/person (no student concessions)
To get there:
Metro line 1 (Huangpi Road S. Station)

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