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Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Add:2000 Century Ave

Tel:021-6862 2000



Fax:021-6854 3044

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Adult 60 yuan, Student 45 yuan,
special ticket (for retired/disabled/children under 1.2m) 20 yuan.
Group tickets are: 55 yuan each for group of adults, 35 yuan each for group of 40 or more students, 20 yuan each for group of 20 or more kindergarten children.
Tickets for the science theatres are separate and range from 27 to 40 yuan. For a detailed list call the ticket hotline on 8621-68542000 or see

Shanghai's Science and Technology museum is dedicated to "science education and spiritual civilization construction"and is a showcase piece for this fast developing city. Not only is the building itself an impressive piece of futuristic architecture, but inside there is plenty to see and do.

Covering an area of 65,000 square meters, this museum house 12 exhibition halls based around different themes. These range from life sciences to the World of Robots, from physical sciences to Children's Technoland. Apart from the main exhibition halls there are also special exhibits covering everything from spiders to ancient Chinese inventors. Another highlight of the museum is its four special purpose film theatres. These are: the large format, Dome, IWERKS and Astronautic theaters, which together constitute the largest science film city of its kind in Asia showing 8000 filmings each year.

Everywhere the designers of the museum have tried to make the exhibits fresh and interactive, especially in the Children's technoland, the Light of Wisdom (physical sciences), and the Designers Cradle (computer technology). The idea is to encourage innovation by encouraging active participation. This makes the museum not only a very informative place to be but also a lot of fun.

Even if you've been to science museums in the West it is still worth visiting this one in Shanghai. You may be pleasantly surprised by the scale and innovativeness of this museum that represents China's increasing progress in the field of science and technology.

 To get there: Metro line 2 (Science and Tech Museum)


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The tickets will not be available after 4:30pm.

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