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Community Center Shanghai (CCS) - Hongqiao Center

Add:5/F, Bldg 201, Lane 3215, Hongmei Rd, near Hongsong Rd E.

Tel:021-6406 4276

Time:Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Community Center Shanghai was founded in 1998 to enhance family and community life for international residents of the rapidly developing Pudong District.  In 2003, the Center expanded its scope to serve the larger Shanghai international community, opening a second center in Puxi in early 2006.   Now serving more than 10,000 international families, the Community Center Shanghai uniquely addresses the growing needs of the international community while building bridges to local communities and citizens.

Community Center Shanghai provides:
o Support for persons during times of transition and crisis, connecting them to appropriate resources such as personal counseling, coaching and/or mentoring.
o Activities, classes and social events for families, couples, and singles that encourage community building and personal growth and development.
o Training for business leaders on corporate social responsibility and connections and opportunities for companies to invest in places of need.
o Opportunities for persons to share their hobbies, experience and expertise with others.
o Support groups that focus on the felt needs of individuals and families in Shanghai and that encourage personal and community development.
o Weekend activities and community building events for adults, families and children.
o Supportive activities and resources for couples and marriages.
o Cross cultural training for business leaders and orientation and training for doing business in Shanghai