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JZ School

Add:Lane 280, 12 Wukang Rd.

Tel:021-5403 5273

Time:Sunday 1-4pm


English Service Available


If you are a music lover, or are looking for a good music school for your child, check out the unique JZ school. Follow the small red JZ logo signs on Xingguo Road to a special, unique house in the depths of a small lane. The Chinese-style furnished school differs from typical schools by being warmer and more comfortable like home. It has an inclusive approach to music training for people of all ages and levels and offers private lessons for most instruments. Enroll in music ensembles, group music classes, or join the Summer Jazz Camp. The school has a very good reputation within Shanghai's foreign communities. Check it out to see if the tuition fees meet your budget. Contact course manager Mei at 1376 4983 611 for a course schedule.