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Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts

Add:79 Fenyang Rd, near Taiyuan Rd


Time:Daily 9am-4:30pm


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Housed in a grandiose white garden building that dates all the way back to the French Renaissance, the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts is a melting pot of two cultures. It showcases the various crafts of Shanghai within the French interior of carved swirls on the ceiling, fresh flowers above the fireplace, and red carpet on the spiral staircase.
What makes this museum different from other museums is that you can see the artists live at work. They are seated in different rooms according to their craft, and some, like those who paint names and designs on t-shirts, can individualize a piece for you upon request.

The crafts on display in the museum are a combination of works done by these artists as well as exhibits dating back many years ago. Some are available for purchase, and have a price displayed next to them.

The first floor of the museum showcases paper-cutting, coloured lanterns, paintings, and antiques.

The second floor showcases Jade Carvings, Ivory Carvings, Wood Carvings, Fine Ivory Carvings, Ink-stone Carvings, Bamboo Carvings, Porcelain Carvings, and Lacquer Ware Carvings.

The third and final floor of the museum showcases Gu Embroidery, Woolen Needlepoint Embroidery, Theatrical Costumes, Woolen Knitting, and Dough Modeling.

Short write-ups (available in English and Chinese) introduce you to the different genre of crafts in each room and provide a comprehensive overview of how the Shanghai art and craft scene was shaped over the years.