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Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom

Add:1 Fenghe Rd

Tel:021-5840 5921



This is the first museum in the country to specialize in displaying living insects, but there also are other animals as well. It was opened in September 2001 with an occupation of 3,200 square meters.

The museum possesses insects of over 200 species. With the use of high-tech equipment, the insect environments come alive in their displays to illustrates scientific knowledge to visitors so that they not only watch the living creatures but also learn their life habits and experience the close relationship between humans and nature.

The various insect terrains include countryside, forest, valley, desert, swamp, rainforest and many more. Each terrain is separated into several zones, namely the butterfly valley, insect gallery, ecological feeding area, amphibian and reptile solution cavities, water experience area, tropical rainforest experience area, small insect theatre and an insect classroom along with a specimen-making exhibition area.

When it comes to show time the Insect kingdom never disappoints with the thrilling honey gathering activity, insect parade and food grabbing show. What's most unique in the museum is the interaction between animals and insects. Visitors can touch them, feed them, do some fishing, watch the animal show and make insect specimens on their own. It is such a great way to come into close contact with nature.

Stage show: 11am/2:30pm at weekends & national holidays

Admission: 60 yuan for adults each; 40 yuan for kids and students each