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Will's Gym

Add:7/F, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Rd W.

Tel:021-5047 3538




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English Service Available


Will's has grown up for success for over the last 10 years, building up a great network throughout the Shanghai, Wuhan, Haerbin, Kunshan, and Beijing more than 21 clubs. We can be proud of what we've achieved.

Our business at Will's is no longer just helping people losing weight. It's about changing people's lives. Whatever your motivations are, be it to have energy to keep up with your kids after a long day at work or simply to look better. We garantee the results you want and will work with you to achieve it. Real people, real results -- we're proud to say that more people achieve their health and fitness goals with Will's than any other clubs in China.

More than 23 clubs in China, with our passport membership, when you join one, you join them all. Welcome to the best fitness business work in China. Better living, starts here.