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Add:107, Kerry Centre, 1515 Nanjing Road W., near Tongren Road

Tel:021-5298 6126

Time:11am - 11pm

Credit Cards Accepted


Three-year-old Rendezvous may not look particularly enticing from the outside but the roaring trade the restaurant's doing only attests to the quality of the food. With a Singaporean boss and Malaysian chef at the helm, the restaurant does a pretty decent job of serving the multicultural cuisine for which Singapore is known. The kitchen pulls out all the stops, with all the Singaporean signature dishes like roti prata (Indian pancake served with curry; 16 yuan), chilli crab (138 yuan), curry chicken (38 yuan), rendang beef (46 yuan), laksa (32 yuan) and Hainanese chicken rice (38 yuan for breast/42 yuan for drumstick). There are even desserts and drinks like chendol (20 yuan), bobo cha cha (20 yuan) and teh tarik (18 yuan) that wouldn't be found elsewhere in Shanghai.