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Guyi Garden (Garden of Ancient Splendour)

Add:218, Huyi Rd, near Zhongren Rd.

Tel:021-5912 2225

Time:Apr-Jun,7am-6pm; Jul-Sep,7am-6:30pm; Oct-Mar,7am-6pm


Originally called "Yi Garden", where "Yi" means a beautiful view of bamboo, Guyi Garden was designed by a well-known bamboo-carving master from the Ming Dynasty. 

Guyi Garden was initially built by a retired government official in the 16th century and was renovated several times when it changed ownership. The garden was destroyed by war in the early 20th century. Local residents and the government renovated and expanded the old garden. Today it is a well-known local attraction.

The garden is best known for its lotus ponds and bamboo copses, but it also includes a wintersweet hall, with patterns of the flower carved on the wooden windows. Various types of wintersweet trees surround the structure.

A pavilion in the garden constructed during the Anti-Japanese War was built with one corner absent. It serves to remind people that a part of China's territory was once under the Japanese Occupation.

Guyi Garden is close to the old streets of Nanxiang Town in Jiading District. It’s near the founding site of xiaolongbao, the famous pork dumplings. Just a few blocks from the gardens, one can indulge in freshly cooked dumplings.

Entrance Fee: 12 yuan