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Qiuxiapu Garden (Garden of Autumn Clouds)

Add:314 Dongda Street, near Bole Rd

Tel:021-5953 1949



The oldest garden in Shanghai, Qiuxia Pu was built in 1502 as a private garden of Gonghong, a dignitary of the Ming Dynasty. When it was first built, it was famous for 10 sites. But now after several reconstructions, it is famous for more than 20 scenic spots.

Qiuxiapu Garden, which covers 15 hectares, is made up of three private gardens built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) ― Gong’s Garden, Shen’s Garden and Jin’s Garden ― and Yi Temple. The garden is divided into four scenic areas accordingly. Qiuxiapu Garden is one of Shanghai’s five best-known classical gardens and is also the best preserved, with the longest history.

Address: 314 Dongdajie Str, Jiading Town

Admission: 10 yuan

Entrance Fee: 10 yuan