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Shanghai Grand View Garden

Add:701 Qingshang Rd, near Huqingping Rd.

Tel:021-5926 2089

Time:Mar-Oct: 8am-5pm; Nov-Feb: 8am-4:30pm


English Service Available


Grand View Garden is modeled entirely after a garden in Hong Lou Meng (Dream of the Red Chamber), one of the greatest Chinese classics of all time. The garden occupies a sprawling compound of around 1,600 mu, or about the size of 200 football fields. It features the various compounds where characters in the book are described as carrying out different activities such as writing poetry and entertaining guests. Several rooms in the garden allow visitors to don costumes and take pictures with the wax figures, as well as request for a live performance of a song from the story, for a small fee.

Entrance fee: 60 yuan for one person; 36 yuan for student; 30 yuan for people over 60 years old.