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Baby and Mam

Add:48 Yongjia Rd

Tel:021-6466 1275



Baby and Mam is a children's boutique which has been open for six years and has four outlets around Shanghai. It stocks a wide range of clothes and accessories to meet the desires of even the most fashion-savvy child. Most of the clothes are export goods, designed in Japan and manufactured in China, providing elegant Japanese style and quality at low prices. There is also a heavy French influence, as many of the clothes are exported there and to other parts of Europe. Baby and Mam caters to both sexes, from infants to eight years old. There is a wide selection of dresses, many using beautiful patterns, lace and fake furs, and in modern styles. There is also a large collection of trousers, jackets, shoes and even mini suitcases. Boys' T-shirts, featuring a wide range of designs and cartoon characters, are priced between 20 and 80 yuan; whole outfits cost around 200 yuan. Additionally, there is a small collection of brand-named toys, such as Star Wars and Simpsons figurines, for between 20 and 500 yuan. Baby and Mam provides fantastic value for money, appealing to the fashionista in both mother and child, and proving that style isn't reserved for grown-ups.