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M'Seren Collection

Add:22 Fuxing Rd W.



M'Seren is a small jewelry boutique offering a wide range of styles from in-house designers. Its main contributor is a Korean designer who lives in Europe, and the designs are diverse, appealing to a variety of tastes and style preferences.

The majority of the pieces use natural stones and seashells and are gold or silver-plated. Many are handmade with limited-edition or one-off designs.

Most of the jewelry on offer is classic and sophisticated in style. The pieces are beautiful and unique, yet understated. More opulent pieces display an array of bright items set in shiny metal.

Many pieces are the perfect daytime accessory, which will draw the eye and complement an outfit.

M'Seren provides a relaxed shopping environment while not overloading the senses. The displays are simple yet effective and the displays change often, with new pieces arriving daily. Prices are reasonable, ranging from 100 to around 2,000 yuan, with the majority of pieces costing around 350 yuan. The boutique is still in its soft opening stage and is well worth a look.