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Sun Chateau

Add:653 Wai Ma Lu

Tel:021-6305 1739



Wine, sun and riverside views - the perfect combination for a lazy summer afternoon. Sun Chateau hits the mark on all three, with a vast selection of high-quality wines from around the world, including favorites from Italy, New Zealand, the United States and Australia, though focusing predominantly on imports from France. Prices range from 150 to more than 10,000 yuan. The bottles are displayed on dark oak shelves and in glass cabinets - somewhat reminiscent of an Edwardian study - with a small seating area with a selection of plush armchairs and sofas. Sun Chateau plans to expand the seating area to allow for a more leisurely wine tasting experience. This riverside winery provides the perfect spot for hot summer days, with a beautiful terrace deck which is connected to an upstairs restaurant and overlooks the river. The restaurant, under the same name, specializes in Chinese food with a small Western influence, providing a selection of steaks and specialty desserts. Sun Chateau is a welcome treat for Shanghai-based wine lovers, providing a wide selection of high-quality wines across the prices ranges. And as a final touch to ensure that a lazy day sipping wine doesn't get too arduous, the layout of the shop allows for an easy selection process, as various vineyards and brands are grouped together.