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The Steak and Oyster Bar

Add:Rm 105, 653 Wai Ma Lu

Tel:021-3331 1109

Time:Mon,3pm-9:30pm; Tue-Sun,11:30am


The Steak and Oyster Bar opened just under a year ago, an upmarket establishment offering a wide variety of high-quality seafood and steaks. The restaurant is American in concept, specializing in grilled dishes, and Chinese in style. The interior is simple yet elegant, with a long, sleek bar the focal point. With an extensive menu which covers all the basic steak options - including rib-eye and sirloin - plus an opulent oyster selection, The Steak and Oyster Bar has something to suit most taste preferences.

All seafood and steaks are imported, with a focus on Washington State in the United States. Oysters are imported twice a week, a heavy emphasis on highest quality control ensuring they are delivered straight from the airport to the restaurant. The oyster selection ranges from 22 to 40 yuan per oyster. Grain-fed steaks are priced between 150 and 500 yuan, and there is a variety of American-style side dishes to choose from. Additionally, a wide selection of imported wines and beers, as well as an extensive champagne collection, provide a perfect accompaniment. The Steak and Oyster Bar management says they offer a special combination of high-quality seafood which can be enjoyed in a beautiful and peaceful location.