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Taihuyuan Scenic Area

Add:Lin'an, Hangzhou


Taihuyuan Scenic Area boasts gorgeous scenery including mountains, waterfalls, lakes, a canyon and lush greenery. It’s also a spiritual place with an ancient temple.

The scenic area is so beautiful that Yao Ming and his wife Ye Li chose to take their wedding photos there. Taihuyuan is the water source of Taihu Lake on the border of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. At the top of one of the scenic area's mountains is a lake and large waterfall that feeds Taihu Lake.

How to get there:

By bus:

Take a bus to Lin’an, and take a taxi to Taihuyuan Scenic Area.

By car:

From Hangzhou: Hangzhou Raocheng Expressway — Hangzhou-Anhui Expressway (Lin’an exit) — turn left at the first traffic light and drive on Wuyue Avenue — Lin’an Huancheng Rd W. — No. 205 Provincial Road — drive for 45 minutes to reach Taihuyuan Scenic Area

From Shanghai: Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway — Hangzhou-Anhui Expressway (Lin’an exit) – and follow the steps departing from Hangzhou.


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