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Yaang Life and Cafe

Add:B4, The Cool Docks, 659, Wai Ma Lu

Tel:021-6280 5368



Opened by designer Wang Yang, Yaang Life is a beautiful example of one woman's vision and passion for lifestyle creations. Situated in a large converted warehouse next to the Huangpu River, Yaang Life is a design collective which showcases the work of 20 different designers from around the world. The collection is extensive, offering all types of lifestyle goods, including dining tables, sofas, tableware and toys. The prices range from 100 yuan for goods such as tissues and glasses, to up to 40,000 yuan for an intricate, Art Deco screen. Yaang Life reflects the modern-Chinese way of life; it is a visual example of the East-meets-West culture, which continues to be a prominent theme of life in Shanghai. This theme is reflected in the use of bright colors accenting simple designs, Chinese characters used with Art Deco styles and contrasts in angles and edges. Incorporated into the concept is Yaang Cafe, a small area of the shop which is dedicated to coffee and conversation. As the cafe is part of the shop, it features furniture and other items from ranges on sale in the collective, contributing to the Yaang Life vision of an integrated lifestyle. Additionally, a large outdoor seating area overlooks the Huangpu River and provides a relaxing spot to enjoy coffee, tea and chatting with friends.