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Ethnic Chinese Folk Hand-embroidered Silver Gift Shop

Add:26, Lane 274, Taikang Rd

Tel:1391 6777 725



Guizhou native Long Mingzhou and his wife decided to open this small shop in the back alleys of Taikang Road to promote their culture and continue the embroidery and silversmith traditions that the Miao ethnic in Guizhou Province have long been known for. The jewelry sold here is all made by Long, whose father-in-law is also a skilled silversmith, while his wife does the embroidery work. Everything in the shop is handmade, and the range includes a wide selection of goods - from traditional clothes to cushion covers, to embroidery that can be hung as decorations. Clothes range from 3,000 (US$471) to 6,000 yuan, and some of the pieces were actually included in the owners' marriage dowries. Handmade shoes and child carriers are also on sale. Jewelry prices can reach up to the thousands of yuan, depending on size and quality. The strong ethnic flavor of the shop and the quality of the goods gives shoppers an excellent opportunity to learn more firsthand about the traditional culture of the Miao ethnic, and engage in some retail therapy at the same time.