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Da Jie

Add:5, Lane 248, Taikang Rd

Tel:021-6445 8307



Da Jie (Link Shanghai) is all about creativity, said the owners, setting it apart from more touristy neighbors. Opened in 2010, the shop is a local brand promoting independent creative workers. Da Jie (Link Shanghai) is a cooperative of young and ambitious artists and designers, and showcases their work. Most of the products take their inspiration from the wealth of cultural elements found in the city, such as the Shanghai-style postcards (15 to 25 yuan). One of the designers, Andy Wang, who specializes in illustration and print, has created a series of postcards inspired by different cuisines offered by different cultures. His witty Chinese series "The Hiding-in-the-Wrong-Place Club" is available at Link Shanghai. The shop also features a selection of designer T-shirts and silk screen prints by three Chinese artists, with price ranging from 1,000 to more than 5,000 yuan.