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Add:A-B Rm, G/F, Jufu Building, 768 Julu Rd, near Fumin Rd

Tel:021-5404 9902

Time:11:30am-3pm (lunch), 5pm-midnight (dinner)

Credit Cards Accepted


Herbs is a restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine. It's hard to miss this Thai restaurant on the corner of Julu Road and Fumin Road, as its bright exterior resembles the colorful Buddhist wats that dot Thailand. Herbs started as a boutique hotel and restaurant in Bangkok, where it is long-established.

December in 2011, its Hong Kong owner decided to open this spot, the first Herbs restaurant outside of Thailand. With an executive chef from Thailand, it can back up its boast of providing authentic Thai cuisine. "All of the ingredients are imported from Thailand," explains assistant general manager Isa Shieh. The spot is popular with the Thai consulate, which frequently holds functions there. With space for 68 people, split into three areas, Herbs offers a comfortable atmosphere amid Thai decor. It boasts a wide menu, and Shieh said the charcoal-grilled pork neck (55 yuan/US$8.8), mixed seafood papaya salad (42 yuan) and salmon salad (55 yuan) are particularly popular. The restaurant will promote its hot pot in the winter menu.

Many diners opt for the traditional curries as they enjoy the relaxed, beautifully decorated surroundings. Average cost is about 175 RMB per person, and the curries and Thai style milk teas are highly recommended.