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Heartfull Friends

Add:21, Lane 248, Taikang Rd

Tel:021-5273 5815



Heartfull Friends was created to give customers the feeling of a warm, romantic and loving atmosphere, said its owners. Its entire range of products is designed by Japanese artist Hiroshi Watanabe, whose graphics feature on everything from paper, postcards and greeting cards to puzzles and mouse pads available in Heartfull Friends. The graphics are extremely cute, with Watanabe's signature cartoon animals depicted in a light, fluffy style, giving off an almost dreamy feeling. Watanabe's two most famous designs are a white bunny with an oversized head and huge ears, and a polar bear with a large body and tiny head. These two designs are also available in the form of small toys that make ideal cute presents for friends or family. Postcards and cards range from 8 to 25 yuan at Heartfull Friends, with bags from 68 to 598 yuan for limited editions. Framed prints start from 850 yuan, while a painting can cost anything up to 20,000 yuan.

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