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Add:123, Lane 1025, Nanjing Rd W.

Tel:1582 1214 258



For hot pot fans, it's never too hot to slurp hot pot, even in the summer. Senxia, a Japanese sukiyaki (hot pot) restaurant in Jing'an Villa, might be just the ticket. The small restaurant only seats 15 guests, so the atmosphere is intimate and cozy. It's decorated with colorful wall paper, paintings and interesting furniture. Guests can watch TV programs or movies while enjoying a meal. Six kinds of hot pot are on offer. The collagen hot pot is especially good for the skin since it contains collagen powder and chicken leg meat. Summer lemon hot pot is recommended in summer by the owner since it's fresh and contains turnip "mud" that can help prevent ailments brought on by too much air-conditioning. There's also Korean troop hot pot, assorted hot pot, curry hot pot and tofu hot pot. Prices are around 30-35 yuan (US$4.7-5.5) per person. Beverages include iced black tea, oolong tea and shaved ice. The eatery is very popular among workers in nearby offices, so reservations are recommended.