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The Menu

Add:69, Lane 1025, Nanjing Rd W.

Tel:1362 1910 210



A newly opened, intimate dining space, The Menu is located in a renovated villa in a quiet corner of Jing'an Villa. Referring to the name, the owner Mr Xu says a menu is more than a listing of food and beverage - life itself is a menu from which one can choose. Opened last week, this restaurant with a seating capacity of eight to 10 people offers dishes from around the world in a setting filled with literature and books about travel, arts and international lifestyle. Book prices are lower than market price. The varied menu includes Italian fare such as spinach dumplings containing rich cream and cheese. The dough is different from that of Chinese dumplings. Also recommended are sea bass dumplings containing shrimp, spices and a hint of tomato. The chef recommended cold noodles in summer. Several wines are on offer, selected by wine experts. Prices range from 40-60 yuan (US$6.3-9.5) per person.