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Galapagos Cafe

Add:5, Lane 1025, Nanjing Rd W.

Tel:021-6255 0220

Time:12pm-7pm (closed on Thursdays)


This cafe is devoted to Japanese pop culture and cosplay. The Galapagos are equatorial Pacific islands famous for giant tortoises and other endemic species unchanged over millennia and studied by Darwin. Designed by a Japanese company, it has a green door and stone path leading inside where visitors find all manner Japanese pop culture - manga, anime magazines, posters, garage kits, model kits and so on. Waitresses wear cosplay costumes and customers in costume are welcome to chat with friends and take pictures. Manager Jun Kajihara said the historical Jing'an Villa area is better than nearby, high-traffic Nanjiang Road W. for promoting pop culture in a quiet atmosphere. He finds that many Chinese young people are interested. Lunch includes Japanese-style sandwiches and noodles, 50 yuan (US$7.9) per person, including a beverage. Free Wi-Fi access.