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Bagua Field

Add:41 Huyu Rd


Located right near the West Lake, the 10-hectare octagon field was originally the private field of the Southern Song (1127-1279) emperor. It is said the emperor used to farm on the field himself to set an example to his fellow countrymen. In 2007, the capital of Zhejiang Province rescued the land from decades of industrial pollution and waste, scattered non-ecological farms and encroaching wilderness. The huge octagon in the famed Eight Diagrams shape has been recreated in its original spot, and is again surrounded by water. The familiar Eight Diagram design, with yin and yang in the center, is a representation of Chinese wisdom about the cosmos and the harmonious workings of nature. The eight-sectioned field mainly grows eight crops, from peppers to beans. In the center, tea is grown. Of course, everything is organic. From last year, the administration office opened parts of the field for citizens to plant their own vegetables. Even for those who do not farm on the field themselves, there are always freshly harvested vegetables on sale each morning.