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Shanghai Masjid Pudong

Add:375 Yuanshen Rd

Tel:021-5093 3289


Shanghai Masjid Pudong was founded in 1935, originally sited at No. 16 Wujiating, Pudong Avenue. It was small and intended to be temporary, even after expansion in 1984. Conditions were rough and facilities dated.

In 1995, with the support and funding from Pudong's district government, the masjid was moved to its current location and rebuilt with more facilities over a larger area.

Pudong Mosque is set in an open space, and stands out elegantly among the nearby modern buildings. It has a light-colored exterior, with contrasting green domes.

The main building is three stories high, in traditional Arabic style that is dignified, grand and bright, with geometric patterns such as arches. The dome above has a diameter of nine meters, with a crescent atop.

Three smaller domes are to the right and left sides of the main building, and the 40-meter tall azan tower, from where the call to prayer emanates, pierces into the sky.

There are three prayer rooms at Shanghai Masjid Pudong. The main room on the second floor can accommodate 500 worshippers, the back prayer room opens when Jum'ah (Friday prayers) and Eid and can hold 300, while the women's prayer room accommodates 50.

In the yard is a shop selling books, religious items, souvenirs and food prepared by the mosque. The freshly made mooncakes with different fillings are popular choices with worshippers and visitors alike.