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Dunhuang Lou Lanzhou Halal Beef Noodle Restaurant

Add:2212 Zhongshan Rd N.

Tel:021-5290 4792

Time:Mon-Fri, 7:30am-2pm, 4:30pm-8:30pm; Sat-Sun, 7:30am-8:30pm


On Shanghai streets, it is not difficult to find the iconic blue pasture-and-cow signs identifying restaurants that use halal meat.

Most common are halal beef noodle eateries, found all over the city. The menu is usually simple, featuring just beef noodles, roast mutton, steamed beef, steamed mutton and some snacks. The noodles are Lanzhou-style handpulled noodles, known for their chewy texture. The soup looks clear and light,but the flavor and freshness of the meat permeates both soup and noodles.

One of the most famous and biggest of these noodle shops is Dunhuang Lou Lanzhou Halal Beef Noodle Restaurant on Zhongshan Road N., known for its tasty soup of noodles and various mutton dishes. Diners can choose from noodles of different widths, while the beef that accompanies the noodles is cooked to optimum tenderness and the vegetables remained fresh and crisp. They are served in a semi-transparent noodle soup, with a few drops of red chili oil.