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Hong Chang Xing Guangxi Road N. Branch

Add:10/F, 288 Guangxi Rd N.

Tel:021-6352 9700


More expensive restaurants with a wider menu also appeal to the halal market, such as the well-established Hong Chang Xing. Founded in 1891, it is
the first name that comes to mind for many people when talking about halal restaurants in the city.

The restaurant, where a meal costs about 100 yuan (US$15.7) to 150 yuan per person, offers a wide variety of mutton and beef dishes, along with a healthy sprinkling of cold and hot vegetable fare. Its signature dish — the hotpot — is what most people keep coming back for.

From the outside, the restaurant at 288 Guangxi Road N. looks as though it’s seen better days, but the constant stream of patrons from nearby Nanjing Road E. makes one wonder what’s hidden
behind the walls.

Spacious and well-decorated in an Islamic style, Hong Chang Xing sits on the 10th floor and comes with two menus, one for generic restaurant food
and the other for its signature hotpot.

The hotpot is a squat copper contraption, fueled by a small coal burning fire.A container of boiling water is kept hot and a tangy peanut sauce is mixed for dipping. It is recommended to quickly dip the meat as it has been cut into very thin slices that cook rapidly.