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Add:2/F, 3 Zhongshan Rd E1

Tel:021-5308 5396


Unico Colagreco, a newly opened restaurant/bar on the second floor of Three on the Bund, has reinterpreted the South American country’s signature
dishes and ingredients to create a fine-dining experience, offering what management describe as “intimacy with nature.”
The eatery is composed of two parts: Unico — Spanish for unique, a casual bar featuring Argentinian tapas and contemporary cocktail; and Colagreco
— a fine-dining restaurant with twists of both Mediterranean and French, named after the co-owner Mauro Colagreco, the first Argentinian chef awarded with two Michelin stars. Colagreco has a classical and elegant ambience, featuring by dark herringbone.

When making a reservation, ask for a seat close to the “Amazon Jungle,” where you can embrace views of the jungle and the Bund. Most of the dishes
come in small portions, except for beef. For ladies with small appetites, one dish of steak is enough for two to share. The bartenders are smart and receptive. No matter how abstractly you talk about your expectation of a drink, they have the ability turning it into the perfect accompaniment to your meal.