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Yue Fei's Temple

Add:80 Beishan Rd., Xihu District, Hangzhou

Time:7:30am - 5:30pm


The story of Yue Fei (1103-1142 AD) is one of soap operatic caliber: a national hero betrayed by the very emperor he was fighting for. He came to fame during the final days of the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) as the State of Jin took over Kaifeng, forcing the court to flee here. While some brave souls continued to fight for the motherland, the newly established court became all too comfortable in Hangzhou (many of us can relate). A certain minister, Qin Hui, was jealous of Yue Fei's hero status, so he convinced the emperor to recall the general, who was framed, imprisoned and eventually poisoned. He was exonerated twenty-one years later and a shrine and tomb built on this spot to remember him. The first structure was built in 1221 and the present structure is the result of rebuilding in 1923. The temple compound is in the typical layout of a Southern Song garden. In it you will find Yue Fei's mausoleum, and in front of it, the kneeling statues of Qin Hui and his wife. Take the time to spit on them. Most of the other visitors do. Nobody likes a traitor.
Take bus Y4, Y3, 27, K850, Y9, Y2, K81, and K7 getting off at the Yue Fei's Temple station 岳庙站

Ticket Price: 25RMB