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Moganshan Yiyuan and Pastor Villa

Add:Deqing, Zhejiang

Tel:0572-8033 362


Yiyuan Villa (No. 92), pastor villa (No. 329) is located in Deqing county, Zhejiang Moganshan scenic area. Yiyuan was founded in 1930, Pan Ziyi is the other, his brother (half) at the Pan Hannian agents for the Chinese Communists in the summit. Pastor villa, was built by Gong Andong from Hefei in 1926, Gong Family is one of Four Big Families "Gong Zhang Li Duan" ( "Lee" is a family of Li Hongzhang, and "Duan" is a family of Duan Qirui), is now the Landison International Clubs, designed and decorated by five-star hotel Landison.