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You might be disappointed with Catch, which opened only two months ago, if what you want is thetraditional method of making fish and chips. Because Singaporean owner Jerrica Lee aims to provide gourmet fish and chips — a lighter version of thetraditional dish — beyond what you would expect in asimple setting. Every day Catch offers three choices of wild-caught fish from New Zealand — such as monk fish, ling and blue cod — and three choices of batter, including backwoods beer, spicy Asian chilies and herbal goodness. The fish is flaky and freshlycooked and the wedges thick-cut and tasty. A 150-gram fish-n-chip set is priced at 60 to 95 yuan and youcan add five yuan more for extra crispy batter. A glassof white wine or beer is 40 yuan. The seven-seat streetshop is tiny, open and cool — like eating at a woodenkitchen counter. It’s not the grandest place for a nightout, but if you want simple, tasty fish and chips, Catchis definitely worth a visit.