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Add:Broken Bridge or Ge Hill

Time:24 hours


After all it's the West Lake in the summer heat,
Displaying scenes no other scenes have:
Green lotus leaves stretch so far to the horizon
Bathed in sunshine are exceptionally pink lotus blossoms.

Yang Wanli (1124-1206)

Alright, opening with a poem is a little sappy, but really what else can we say about the lotuses on the lake? We're serious. We got nothin'. You've just gotta get out and see them for yourself. That's the beauty of August. They are in full bloom, and some plants are as tall as humans.

In last month's magazine, we told you about how the lotus plants were taking a beating in some areas of the lake. This isn't one of them. The Northern Inner Lake, (north side of the Broken Bridge) has got some of the best patches of lotuses. Hang a left after Xiling Bridge and take a look. This isn't the only spot to get some good pics of the pink wonders. There are plenty of other places to check out the summer flower that has for centuries inspired many a poet: Quyuan Gardens, Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, Lakeside Park and Guo's Villa. It's hot, we know, but you've only got this short time to see ‘em.

Ticket: Free Admission
Busses: K7, 6, Y2, K850