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Three Pools Mirroring The Moon

Add:Fairy Islet, West Lake

Tel:0571-8706 5684



It was in 1607 that the island just next to Three Pools Mirroring the Moon was made from dredgings from the lake. The embankment was constructed in 1611 and our editor made it there for the first time in 1994. As he recollects somewhat clearly, it was a ferociously hot day. 

The pools refer to three small pear-shaped stone pagodas arranged in a triangle in the water. The pagodas, which are each 2 meters high, are empty and feature five round holes. Lamps or candles can be placed in these holes.

The most popular time to visit this scenic site is during the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the moon appears bigger and brighter than other full moons due to its proximity to the Earth.

Ticket: 55 yuan

Take bus Y4, Y3, 27, K850, Y9, Y2, K81 and K7 (5:30am-10pm) getting on at the Yue Miao Station (Yue Fei's Temple) 岳庙.